Service All-In-One


Established in consolidation of Taiwan’s biomedical development, the major objectives of the Incubation Center encompass fostering growth among innovative pharmaceutical businesses via networking and joint-venture opportunities, along with gaining access to invaluable R&D and marketing resources. This is all encapsulated in the global image of ‘BioHub Taiwan’ which we seek to promote. In addition to startups and small businesses we welcome the installation of mature firms as well. Vibrant interaction amid a diverse composition enables insight and experience to be exchanged; we look forward to the fruitful outcomes this environment shall spark. We also provide space and cooperation schemes for internationally leading accelerators to situate or extend themselves, and make most of what our country’s investors and venture capital funds have to offer.

Our Mission

  • Cultivate more successful tales in Taiwan’s biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry
  • Establish a core foundation Taiwan’s biotechnology and pharmaceutics.
  • Enhance the value of Taiwan’s biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Invest into the development of Taiwan’s biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry.



BioHub Taiwan occupies the first 3 floors of Building A and floors 2~8 of Building C in the NBRP. This includes 40 and 75 units respectively and amounts to 115 in total; each unit being around 165 square meters. Domestic companies, multinational corporations with an R&D base in Taiwan, and competent pre-startups are all eligible to apply; provided there is an R&D concentration in innovative drug development and smart healthcare. Beyond space provision, BioHub Taiwan fosters a setting wherein industry, academia, and research dynamics engage and excite one another. Our anticipation for the plentiful ideas and opportunities that shall arise from these interactions is embodied in an open plan design in lower Building C.

To simultaneously build an all-in-one service model assembling all information and resources from the government, BioHub has invited Biomedicine related agencies of the following: Biomedical Industry Innovation Promotion (BIIP) Program Office, Drug Commercialization Center (DCC), Medical Device Commercialization Center (MDDC), Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office (BPIPO) and Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) to form a joint office in advisory capacity. Our joint office shall propel the technological collaboration, regulatory coordination, and commercialization across departments within and without the NBRP to nurture the growth of biomedicine seedlings.

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