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Fann, Cathy S.-J.'s picture

Fann, Cathy S.-J.

Research Fellow

Division Coordinator


  1. Genetic Statistics
  2. Genetic Epidemiology

Division of Biostatistics, Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health,
Ph.D. University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, US

TEL:   02-27899144

FAX:   02-27823047

E-mail:   csjfann@ibms.sinica.edu.tw

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Research Description

    The major research interest of our laboratory is using biostatistical methods in disease gene mapping, comparative genomics, population genetics, and phylogenetic analysis. We develop novel statistical methods/software and apply frequently used analytical tools to locate chromosomal positions of disease susceptibility genes. The ongoing projects are shown below:

    1. Apply statistical methodologies and analytical tools to identify genes that are associated with human complex diseases, such as bipolar disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, Graves』 disease, schizophrenia, breast cancer and liver cancer, etc.
    2. Develop statistical methods to study methylation variation either intergroup or interindividual in a single screen.
    3. Develop a new approach to meta-analysis of population heterogeneity in genome-wide association studies.
    4. Develop new statistical methods for rare variant detecting and population-specific investigation.
    5. Develop new statistical methods for multilocus association mapping. These methods mainly use 「longest significant run」 based on independent data or dependent data assumptions.
    6. Develop new mathematical models to deal with gene-gene interactions and its application on GWA studies.

Selected Recent Publication

  1. Pei-Lung Chen, Shyang-Rong Shih, Pei-Wen Wang, Ying-Chao Lin, Chen-Chung Chu, Jung-Hsin Lin, Szu-Chi Chen, Ching-Chung Chang, Tien-Shang Huang, Keh Sung Tsai, Fen-Yu Tseng, Chih-Yuan Wang, Jin-Ying Lu, Wei-Yih Chiu, Chien-Ching Chang, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Yuan-Tsong Chen, Cathy Shen-Jang Fann, Wei-Shiung Yang and Tien-Chun Chang. Concurrent direct human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genotyping and genome-wide association study (GWAS) reveal major genetic determinants of anti-thyroid drug-induced agranulocytosis.. Nature Communications. , 2015-05
  2. Leu HB, Chung CM, Lin SJ, Chiang KM, Yang HC, Ho HY, Ting CT, Lin TH, Sheu SH, Tsai WC, Chen JH, Yin WH, Chiu TY, Chen CI, Fann CS, Chen YT, Pan WH, Chen JW.. Association of circadian genes with diurnal blood pressure changes and non-dipper essential hypertension: a genetic association with young-onset hypertension.. HYPERTENSION RESEARCH. 38(2), 155-162, 2015-02
  3. Shu-Chen Chang, Chee-Jen Chang, Yu-Jr Lin, Ie-Bin Lian, Cathy S.J. Fann. Use of a failure probability constraint to suggest an initial dose in a Phase I cancer clinical trial.. JOURNAL OF FOOD AND DRUG ANALYSIS. 22(4), 556-562, 2014-12.
  4. Liao F, Hsu YC, Kuo SH, Yang YC, Chen JP, Hsu PN, Lin CW, Chen LT, Cheng AL, Fann CS, Lin JT, Wu MS.. Genetic polymorphisms and tissue expression of interleukin-22 associated with risk and therapeutic response of gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma.. BLOOD CANCER JOURNAL. 4, eXX, 2014-10.
  5. Lin YC, Hsieh AR, Hsiao CL, Wu SJ, Wang HM, Lian IB, Fann C. Identifying rare and common disease associated variants in genomic data using Parkinson’s disease as a model. JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE. 21(1), 88, 2014-08.
  6. Chang SW, Fann CS, Su WH, Wang YC, Weng CC, Yu CJ, Hsu CL, Hsieh AR, Chien RN, Chu CM, Tai DI.. A genome-wide association study on chronic HBV infection and its clinical progression in male Han-Taiwanese.. PLoS One. 9(6), e99724, 2014-06.
  7. Ching-Lin Hsiao, Ai-Ru Hsieh, Ie-Bin Lian, Ying-Chao Lin, Hui-Min Wang, Cathy S.J. Fann. A novel method for identification and quantification of consistently differentially methylated regions.. PLoS One. 9(5), e97513, 2014-05.
  8. Hsieh AR, Chang SW, Chen PL, Chu CC, Hsiao CL, Yang WS, Chang CC, Wu JY, Chen YT, Chang TC, Fann CS. Predicting HLA genotypes using unphased and flanking single-nucleotide polymorphisms in Han Chinese population.. BMC genomics. 15, 81, 2014-01.
  9. Sengupta Chattopadhyay A, Hsiao CL, Chang CC, Lian IeB, Fann CS. Summarizing techniques that combine three non-parametric scores to detect disease-associated 2-way SNP-SNP interactions. Ge. GENE. 533(1), 304-312, 2014-01.
  10. Liao HC, Huang YH, Chen YJ, Kao SM, Lin HY, Huang CK, Liu HC, Hsu TR, Lin SP, Yang CF, Fann CS, Chiu PC, Hsieh KS, Fu YC, Ke YY, Lin CY, Tsai FJ, Wang CH, Chao MC, Yu WC, Chiang CC, Niu DM.. Plasma globotriaosylsphingosine (lysoGb3) could be a biomarker for Fabry disease with a Chinese hotspot late-onset mutation (IVS4+919G>A).. Clin Chim Acta.. 426, 114-120, 2013-11.
  11. Chien YL, Hwu HG, Fann CS, Chang CC, Tsuang MT, Liu CM.. DRD2 haplotype associated with negative symptoms and sustained attention deficits in Han Chinese with schizophrenia in Taiwan.. JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS. 58(4), 229-232, 2013-04.
  12. Chung CM, Wang RY, Fann CS, Chen JW, Jong YS, Jou YS, Yang HC, Kang CS, Chen CC, Chang HC, Pan WH. . Fine-mapping angiotensin-converting enzyme gene: separate QTLs identified for hypertension and for ACE activity. . PLoS One. 8(3), e56119, 2013-03.
  13. Yang HC, Liu CM, Liu YL, Chen CW, Chang CC, Fann CS, Chiou JJ, Yang UC, Chen CH, Faraone SV, Tsuang MT, Hwu HG. . The DAO Gene Is Associated with Schizophrenia and Interacts with Other Genes in the Taiwan Han Chinese Population. . PLoS One. 8(3), e60099, 2013-03.
  14. Lin M, Hsu C; TAIWAN PEDIATRIC CV GROUP, Chen P, Yang W, Wang J, Fann CS, Wu M: . A genome-wide association analysis identifies novel susceptibility loci for coronary arterial lesions in patients with Kawasaki disease. . TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH. 161(6), 513-515, 2013-01.
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