[News] 2017/05/05

Peptide Nasal Spray to Delay Onset of Alzheimer’s disease


Dr. Rita P.-Y. Chen, an Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Biological Chemistry along with Dr. Pang-hsien Tu, a former Assistant Research Fellow at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, and their research teams recently found that a modified short peptide delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease when delivered in the form of a nasal drop in a mouse model. The research was published in EMBO Molecular Medicine on March 29th, 2017.


Dr. Chen, Dr. Tu and colleagues designed a peptide, R8-Aβ(25-35)-PEI, which was able to enter into the brain through the nose and reduce accumulation of Aβ peptide (a phenomenon widely believed to be a critical determinant of Alzheimer’s disease).  …more…