Cardiovascular Research

Cardiovascular Research

  • Elucidation of the structure/function of genes related to the normal physiology and pathophysiology of cardiovasuclar system
  • Investigation of cellular signaling and molecular mechanisms underlying the vaso-& cardioprotection and disease pathogenesis
  • Investigation of the in vivo gene functions using animal models of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
  • Development of therapeutic approaches for cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular Research Research Highlight

Dr. Wang,Guey-Shin

CELF1 Mediates Connexin 43 mRNA Degradation in Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Circulation Research Sep 05, 2017


Dr. Chau,Lee-Young

Acetylation is essential for nuclear heme oxygenase-1-enhanced tumor growth and invasiveness

Oncogene Aug 28, 2017


Dr. Yan,Yu-Ting

HSPB7 prevents cardiac conduction system defect through maintaining intercalated disc integrity

PLoS Genetics Aug 21, 2017


Dr. Chen,Chien-Chang

Three TF Co-expression Modules Regulate Pressure-Overload Cardiac Hypertrophy in Male Mice

Scientific Reports Aug 08, 2017