Cancer Research Highlight

Dr. Tang,Tang K.

Myosin-Va is required for preciliary vesicle transportation to the mother centriole during ciliogenesis

Nature Cell Biology Jan 15, 2018


Dr. Lee,Te-Chang

A Low-Toxicity DNA-Alkylating N-Mustard-Quinoline Conjugate with Preferential Sequence Specificity Exerts Potent Antitumor Activity Against Colorectal

Neoplasia Dec 13, 2017


Dr. Shih,Hsiu-Ming
Dr. Huang, Tai-huang

Molecular mechanism of K65 acetylation-induced attenuation of Ubc9 and the NDSM interaction

Scientific Reports Dec 12, 2017


Dr. Jou,Yuh-Shan

Pyrimidine metabolic rate limiting enzymes in poorly-differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma are signature genes of cancer stemness and associated wit

Oncotarget Sep 08, 2017