Cancer Research Highlight

Dr. Jou,Yuh-Shan

Pyrimidine metabolic rate limiting enzymes in poorly-differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma are signature genes of cancer stemness and associated wit

Oncotarget Sep 08, 2017


Dr. Chau,Lee-Young

Acetylation is essential for nuclear heme oxygenase-1-enhanced tumor growth and invasiveness

Oncogene Aug 28, 2017


Dr. Yang,Pan-Chyr

A CTLA-4 Antagonizing DNA Aptamer with Antitumor Effect

Molecular Therapy- Nucleic Acids Aug 15, 2017


Dr. Tang,Tang K.

Human microcephaly protein RTTN interacts with STIL and is required to build full-length centrioles

Nature Communications Aug 15, 2017