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5、About IBMS
6、Research Divisions 6.1、Epidemiology & Genetics
6.3、Cardiovascular Research
6.4、Infectious Disease & Immunology
6.6、Structural Biology
6.7、Research Scientist
6.8、Adjunct / Emeritus
7、Administrative Staff 7.1、Administrative Office
7.2、Floor Secretary
7.3、General Affairs Office
7.4、Computer Room
7.5、Safety Office
7.6、Medical Art Room
8、Core Facilities


8.2、Academia Sinica
8.3、National Research Program for Genomic Medicine

9、Graduate Programs

9.1、Taiwan International Graduate Program

9.2、National Yang-Ming University Molecular Medicine Program
9.3、Graduate Institute of Life Sciences National Defense Medical Center
9.4、Program of Microbial Genomics
Graduate Institute of Microbiology College of Medicine National Taiwan University
9.5、Degree Program
10、Job Opportunities
11、Funding Opportunities