Epidemic Prevention Detail

In response to the recent Covid-19 outbreak at Academia Sinica,please cooperate with the following emergency measures.

Dear IBMS colleagues:

In response to the recent Covid-19 outbreak at Academia Sinica, we have strengthened access control and routinely cleaned public areas. Please do not worry. In addition, to protect our colleagues and create a safe working environment, please cooperate with the following emergency measures.

1.     IBMS colleagues: Please report to your secretary if you are in the following list: (A) with travel history and back to Taiwan after 2020-03-08; (B) with suspected infection; (C) close contact with anyone who has suspected infection; (D) living with a person under the “autonomous health management”, “home quarantine”, or “home isolation”. We suggest (1) work at home or at an off-site office; (2) please wear a medical mask, if work at IBMS is needed; (3) notify to your secretary and the IBMS personnel staff.

2.     Notification tracking: IBMS personnel staff will follow the above cases daily.

3.     Core facilities and public instruments: (1) Please wear a medical mask to use any public instrument and to enter IBMS core facilities; (2) Please follow the instructions to clean and sterilize the instruments and surrounding environment before and after the usage.

4.     Access control: (1) All must swipe your IBMS ID (or a valid temporary ID) card to enter IBMS; (2) Facility rental service are temporally suspended; (3) Retired staff needs to report the TOCC before entering IBMS.

5.     Visitors: Visitors are by invitation only. The security guard will call the contact person to confirm the visitor identification. All visitors must wear a medical mask before entering IBMS.

6.     Goods delivery: All salesmen and deliverymen are not allowed to enter IBMS. Please pick up your ordered goods at the IBMS front gate. If needed, we will consider special arrangements based on individual case application.

7.     24-h emergency call: 02-2789-9000

8.     The above emergency measures will be effective from 2020-03-23 to 2020-04-05. We will make necessary adjustments based on the status of the Covid-19 pandemic.