Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases

Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases

  • Elucidation of the structure/function of genes related to the normal physiology and pathophysiology of cardiovasuclar system
  • Investigation of cellular signaling and molecular mechanisms underlying the vaso-& cardioprotection and disease pathogenesis
  • Investigation of the in vivo gene functions using animal models of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
  • Development of therapeutic approaches for cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases Research Highlight

Dr. Cheng,Ching-Feng

Green tea epigallocatechin gallate inhibits preadipocyte growth via the microRNA-let-7a/HMGA2 signaling pathway

Molecular Nutrition & Food Research Feb 24, 2023


Dr. Chang,Yi-Cheng

ER ribosomal-binding protein 1 regulates blood pressure and potassium homeostasis by modulating intracellular renin trafficking

Journal of Biomedical Science Feb 19, 2023


Dr. Wu,Jer-Yuarn

A Functional Polymorphism Downstream of Vitamin A Regulator Gene CYP26B1 Is Associated with Hand Osteoarthritis

International Journal of Molecular Sciences Feb 03, 2023


Dr. Hu,Che-Ming (Jack)

Engineering Cyborg Bacteria Through Intracellular Hydrogelation

Advanced Science Jan 11, 2023