Cardiovascular Research Research Highlight

Dr. Wang,Guey-Shin

CELF1 promotes vascular endothelial growth factor degradation resulting in impaired microvasculature in heart failure

FASEB journal Apr 03, 2021


Dr. Yang,Ruey-Bing (Ray)

Zebrafish scube1 and scube2 cooperate in promoting Vegfa signaling during embryonic vascularization

Cardiovascular Research Mar 31, 2021


Dr. Yang,Kai-Chien

Endoplasmic reticulum protein TXNDC5 promotes renal fibrosis by enforcing TGFβ signaling in kidney fibroblasts

Journal of Clinical Investigation Jan 19, 2021


Dr. Chau,Lee-Young

Siglec-E retards atherosclerosis by inhibiting CD36-mediated foam cell formation

Journal of Biomedical Science Jan 05, 2021