Cardiovascular Research Research Highlight

Dr. Yang,Kai-Chien

Targeting ER protein TXNDC5 in hepatic stellate cell mitigates liver fibrosis by repressing non-canonical TGFβ signalling

Gut Dec 21, 2021


Dr. Cheng,Ching-Feng

The ATF3 inducer protects against diet-induced obesity via suppressing adipocyte adipogenesis and promoting lipolysis and browning

Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy Nov 25, 2021


Dr. Hu,Yu-Feng

Biomaterial-induced conversion of quiescent cardiomyocytes into pacemaker cells in rats

Nature Biomedical Engineering Nov 22, 2021


Dr. Chen,Chien-Chang

FAK regulates cardiomyocyte mitochondrial fission and function through Drp1

FEBS Journal Nov 05, 2021