Infectious Disease & Immunology

Infectious Disease & Immunology

  • Molecular pathogenesis of infectious diseases (including viruses, such as hepatitis B and C viruses, enterovirus 71, Japanese encephalitis virus, dengue virus, HIV, influenza virus, bacteria, and protozoan parasites)
  • Studies of virus replication, assembly, budding and egress, microbe-host interaction and microbe-related inflammation.
  • Studies of immune-related human diseases [e.g., asthma, IBD, and EAE (multiple sclerosis)] using mouse models
  • Investigations of mucosal immunity, innate immunity, and cytokine/chemokine biology

Infectious Disease & Immunology Research Highlight

Dr. Liu,Fu-Tong

Intracellular galectins sense cytosolically exposed glycans as danger and mediate cellular responses

Journal of Biomedical Science Mar 04, 2021


Dr. Liao,Fang

TLR7 Is Critical for Anti-Viral Humoral Immunity to EV71 Infection in the Spinal Cord

Frontiers in Immunology Feb 18, 2021


Dr. Liao,You-Di

Fetal bovine serum albumin inhibits antimicrobial peptide activity and binds drug only in complex with α1-antitrypsin

Scientific Reports Jan 14, 2021


Dr. Chang,Ya-Jen

Group 2 innate lymphoid cells contribute to IL-33-mediated alleviation of cardiac fibrosis

Theranostics Jan 01, 2021