Cancer Research Highlight

Dr. Shieh,Sheau-Yann

JAK2-CHK2 signaling safeguards the integrity of the mitotic spindle assembly checkpoint and genome stability

Cell Death & Disease Jul 18, 2022


Dr. Shih,Hsiu-Ming

Reciprocal regulation of Daxx and PIK3CA promotes colorectal cancer cell growth

Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences Jun 19, 2022


Dr. Chen,Joanne Jeou-Yuan

Patient-Derived Organoid Serves as a Platform for Personalized Chemotherapy in Advanced Colorectal Cancer Patients

Frontiers in Oncology Jun 01, 2022


Dr. Lin,Wen-chang

Dominant transcript expression profiles of human protein-coding genes interrogated with GTEx dataset

Scientific Reports Apr 28, 2022