Dr. Yang, Ruey-Bing (Ray)

Zebrafish scube1 and scube2 cooperate in promoting Vegfa signaling during embryonic vascularization

Cardiovascular Research, Mar 31, 2021

    Aims The secreted and membrane-anchored signal peptide-CUB-EGF domain-containing proteins (SCUBE) gene family compo ......


Dr. Yang, Pan-Chyr

Vorinostat combined with brigatinib overcomes acquired resistance in EGFR-C797S-mutated lung cancer

Cancer Letters, Mar 26, 2021

    The development of a new generation of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) has improved the treatment response i ......


Dr. Hu, Che-Ming (Jack)

Robust induction of TRMs by combinatorial nanoshells confers cross-strain sterilizing immunity against lethal influenza viruses

Methods & Clinical Development, Mar 23, 2021

    Antigen-specific lung-resident memory T cells (TRMs) constitute the first line of defense that mediates rapid prote ......


Dr. Lee, Yu-Ru

Dual DNA and protein tagging of open chromatin unveils dynamics of epigenomic landscapes in leukemia

Nature Methods, Mar 18, 2021

      The architecture of chromatin regulates eukaryotic cell states by controlling transcription factor access to s ......


Dr. Suzuki, Jun

Caspase cleavage releases a nuclear protein fragment that stimulates phospholipid scrambling at the plasma membrane

Molecular Cell, Mar 15, 2021

    Phospholipid scrambling in dying cells promotes phosphatidylserine exposure, a critical process for efferocyto ......


Dr. Liu, Fu-Tong

Intracellular galectins sense cytosolically exposed glycans as danger and mediate cellular responses

Journal of Biomedical Science, Mar 04, 2021

    Galectins are animal lectins that recognize carbohydrates and play important roles in maintaining cellular homeostasis. ......


Dr. Liao, Fang

TLR7 Is Critical for Anti-Viral Humoral Immunity to EV71 Infection in the Spinal Cord

Frontiers in Immunology, Feb 18, 2021

Enterovirus 71 (EV71) is a positive single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) virus from the enterovirus genus of Picornaviridae family and caus ......


Dr. Yang, Pan-Chyr

PINK1-mediated inhibition of EGFR dimerization and activation impedes EGFR-driven lung tumorigenesis

Cancer Research, Feb 09, 2021

  EGFR is established as a driver of lung cancer, yet the regulatory machinery underlying its oncogenic activity is not fully unders ......


Dr. Yang, Kai-Chien

Endoplasmic reticulum protein TXNDC5 promotes renal fibrosis by enforcing TGFβ signaling in kidney fibroblasts

Journal of Clinical Investigation, Jan 19, 2021

Abstract Renal fibrosis, a common pathological manifestation of virtually all types of chronic kidney diseases (CKD), often results in di ......


Dr. Fann, Cathy S.-J.

Accelerated cardiovascular risk after viral clearance in hepatitis C patients with the NAMPT-rs61330082 TT genotype: An 8-year prospective cohort study

Virulence, Jan 15, 2021

Abstract Involvement of extracellular nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (eNAMPT, i.e., visfatin or pre-B-cell colony-enhancing facto ......


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