Dr. Hwang , Ming-Jing

A Critical Assessment of Information-guided Protein-protein Docking Predictions.

Mol Cell Proteomics. Dec 13, 2012

The structures of protein complexes are increasingly predicted by protein-protein docking (PPD) using ambiguous interaction data to help gui ......


Dr. Hsieh , Patrick Ching-Ho

Xenografted human amniotic fluid-derived stem cell as a cell source in therapeutic angiogenesis.

Int J Cardiol. Oct 06, 2012

The AFSC-ECs demonstrated endothelial cell characteristics in vitro. Four weeks later, AFSC-ECs transplantation significantly increased limb ......


Dr. Chen , Chien-Chang

The Cav3.1 T-type calcium channel is required for neointimal formation in response to vascular injury in mice.

Cardiovasc Res. Aug 10, 2012

Restenosis is an undesirable consequence following percutaneous vascular interventions. However, the current strategy for preventing resteno ......


Dr. Hsieh , Patrick Ching-Ho

Instructive Nanofiber Scaffolds with VEGF Create a Microenvironment for Arteriogenesis and Cardiac Repair.

Sci Transl Med. Aug 08, 2012

Angiogenic therapy is a promising approach for tissue repair and regeneration. However, recent clinical trials with protein delivery or gene ......


Dr. Hsieh , Patrick Ching-Ho

Treatment of acute thromboembolism in mice using heparin-conjugated carbon nanocapsules.

ACS Nano. Jul 24, 2012

The unsurpassed properties in electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, strength, and surface area-to-volume ratio allow for many poten ......


Dr. Chau , Lee-Young

TRC8 suppresses tumorigenesis through targeting heme oxygenase-1 for ubiquitination and degradation.

Oncogene. Jun 11, 2012

The TRC8 gene, which was previously shown to be disrupted by a 3;8 chromosomal translocation in hereditary kidney cancer, encodes for an end ......


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