Dr. Lin, Wen-chang 林文昌 博士



  • Top-ranked expressed gene transcripts of human protein-coding genes investigated with GTEx dataset
    Scientific Reports, Oct 01, 2020
    Abstract With considerable accumulation of RNA-Seq transcriptome data, we have extended our understanding about protein-coding gene trans ......
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  • miR-TV: an interactive microRNA Target Viewer for microRNA and target gene expression interrogation for human cancer studies
    Database (Oxford), Jan 01, 2020
    MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have been identified in many organisms, and they are essential for gene expression regulation in many critical cellular p ......
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  • Overlapping protein-coding genes in human genome and their coincidental expression in tissues
    Scientific Reports, Sep 16, 2019
    The completion of human genome sequences and the advancement of next-generation sequencing technologies have engendered a clear understandin ......
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  • A Comprehensive Analysis of Transcript-Supported De Novo Genes in Saccharomyces sensu stricto Yeasts
    Molecular Biology and Evolution, Jul 24, 2017
    Novel genes arising from random DNA sequences (de novo genes) have been suggested to be widespread in the genomes of different organisms. Ho ......
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  • Urine miR-21-5p as a potential non-invasive biomarker for gastric cancer
    Oncotarget, Apr 07, 2017
    Many reports have implicated that microRNAs involve in cancer development and progression, such as miR-155 in breast cancers and miR-196 in ......
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