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  • 02-27899148 (Lab) (Room No: N601)
  • 02-26523967 (Office)
  • 02-27827654 (Fax)

  • Bioinformatics and databases
  • Tumor Biology and cancer biomarkers
  • miRNA and protein-coding gene discovery

Education and Positions:
  • Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University


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Housekeeping protein-coding genes interrogated with tissue and individual variations

Dr. Lin, Wen-chang
Scientific Reports, May 30, 2024

Housekeeping protein-coding genes are stably expressed genes in cells and tissues that are thought to be engaged in fundamental cellular biological functions. They are often utilized as normalization references in molecular biology research and are especially important in integrated bioinformatic investigations. Prior studies have examined human housekeeping protein-coding genes by analyzing various gene expression datasets. The inclusion of different tissue types significantly impacted the discovery of housekeeping genes. In this report, we investigated particularly individual human subject expression differences in protein-coding genes across different tissue types. We used GTEx V8 gene expression datasets obtained from more than 16,000 human normal tissue samples. Furthermore, the Gini index is utilized to investigate the expression variations of protein-coding genes between tissue and individual donor subjects. Housekeeping protein-coding genes found using Gini index profiles may vary depending on the tissue subtypes investigated, particularly given the diverse sample size collections across the GTEx tissue subtypes. We subsequently selected major tissues and identified subsets of housekeeping genes with stable expression levels among human donors within those tissues. In this work, we provide alternative sets of housekeeping protein-coding genes that show more consistent expression patterns in human subjects across major solid organs. Weblink: https://hpsv.ibms.sinica.edu.tw .