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  • Cancer Genomics
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  • Ph.D, State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA

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Enrichment of Prevotella intermedia in human colorectal cancer and its additive effects with Fusobacterium nucleatum on the malignant transformation of colorectal adenomas

Dr. Li, Ling-Hui
Journal of Biomedical Science, Oct 27, 2022




Methods: Microbiota composition was determined through 16S rRNA V3-V4 amplicon sequencing of autologous adenocarcinomas, adenomatous polyps, and non-neoplastic colon tissue samples (referred to as "tri-part samples") in patients with CRC. Enriched taxa in adenocarcinoma tissues were identified through pairwise comparison. The abundance of candidate bacteria was quantified through genomic quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) in tissue samples from 116 patients. Associations of candidate bacteria with clinicopathological features and genomic and genetic alterations were evaluated through odds ratio tests. Additionally, the effects of candidate bacteria on CRC cell proliferation, migration, and invasion were evaluated through the co-culture of CRC cells with bacterial cells or with conditioned media from bacteria.

Conclusion: This report is the first to demonstrate that P. intermedia is enriched in colorectal adenocarcinoma tissues and enhances the migration and invasion abilities of CRC cells. Moreover, P. intermedia and F. nucleatum exert additive effects on the malignant transformation of colorectal adenomas into carcinomas. These findings can be used to identify patients at a high risk of malignant transformation of colorectal adenomas or metastasis of CRC, and they can accordingly be provided optimal clinical management.