Dr. Peck, Konan 白果能 博士


Dr. Peck, Konan
白果能 博士

Research Fellow

  • Ph.D. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

  • Cancer genomics
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Nucleic acid therapeutics


This laboratory aims to develop technologies enabling cell-specific delivery of nucleic acid therapeutic agents for personalized cancer therapy. Oligonucleotides of different sequences can fold into different conformations to bind to their protein targets with high specificity and affinity. These structured oligonucleotides are known as aptamers. This laboratory has integrated bioinformatics, genomics, and proteomics technologies to identify several surface marker proteins on cancer cells. Functional aptamers specific to cancer cell surface marker proteins are employed to deliver siRNAs and/or DNAzymes into cancer cells by the receptor mediated endocytosis process to knock down the metastasis and cell proliferation associated signaling pathways. Cocktail therapy using cancer cell-specific aptamers conjugated with different allele-specific and/or transcript-specific nucleic acid therapeutic agents against various pivotal gene transcripts are being devised to knock down signaling pathways involved in the metastasis cascade and cell proliferation. The goal of these studies is to develop novel therapeutics to inhibit metastasis and to eradicate cancer cells with minimal side effects by synthetic lethal killing and allele-specific or transcript-specific therapeutic agents.


標靶療法為近年來癌症治療的一大突破。然而許多標靶基因不僅存在於癌細胞也存在於正常細胞,欲針對癌細胞來拮抗其含有的標靶基因而不影響正常細胞仍為醫療研究的一大挑戰。適體(aptamer)為核酸分子,可依序列不同而形成許多穩定的結構,如同抗體可專一地與特定標的分子結合。 本實驗室研究方向為研發新科技來搜尋癌細胞特定的表面蛋白質、受體、癌轉移及生長相關基因並驗證其功能,同時篩選可辨識癌細胞表面特定受體的適體來專一地辨識並活化癌細胞特有表面受體。辨識癌細胞表面受體的適體分子可用來傳輸siRNAs或DNAzymes,並利用受體的endocytosis作用將siRNA或DNAzyme分子送入細胞內來抑制癌細胞生長及轉移相關基因的表達。目前研究方向為利用多種不同適體來輸送前述核酸藥劑同時作用在癌細胞內多種標靶基因、對偶基因、轉錄異型等。本實驗室研究目標為開創一個全新的癌症治療方法,針對癌細胞獨有的轉移相關基因、對偶基因、偶合毀滅(synthetic lethality)對應基因來發展核酸藥劑,以期消滅癌細胞但避免對正常細胞產生副作用。