Dr. Roffler, Steve R. ’s Lab羅傅倫 博士 實驗室


1. Antibody engineering: We are engineering and investigating bispecific antibodies to deliver nanomedicines into cancer cells for improved anticancer selectivity and efficacy.    

2. Nanomedicine: New approaches to stably load and retain hydrophobic drugs in liposomal nanocarriers are under development.    

3. Directed molecular evolution: We perform directed molecular evolution of human enzymes for antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy. 

 4. Prodrug therapy: Anticancer prodrugs that are selectively activated in the tumor microenvironment are under investigation to improve the selectivity and therapeutic efficacy of cancer treatment. 

5. Anti-PEG antibodies: We develop antibodies to assay PEGylated drugs in human serum and are extending these studies to investigating the impact of pre-existing and induced anti-PEG antibodies on the therapeutic efficacy and safety of PEGylated medicines.


1. 抗體工程:建構雙特異性抗體抗體,用以遞送奈米藥物至腫瘤,改善癌症治療的選擇性與療效。

2. 奈米醫藥:正在研發新穎的技術,將疏水性藥物穩定包覆於奈米微脂體。

3. 定向分子演化:本實驗室已研發出有力的篩選方法,分選出定向演化後的優化人類酵素。我們以此技術提高蛋白質的性能,應用於治療遺傳疾病,與抗體-酵素前驅藥物療法。此外,本實驗室亦發展於抗體融合瘤細胞中,快速演化高親和力抗體的技術。

4. 前驅藥物療法:發展在腫瘤微環境內能夠優先被活化的前驅藥物,瞭解其機制以及改善活化的條件。

5. 聚乙二醇抗體:本實驗室研發聚乙二醇抗體,用以檢測人類血液檢體中聚乙二醇修飾藥物含量。我們亦延伸相關研究,探討人體中已存在,或被誘發產生的聚乙二醇抗體,是否會影響聚乙二醇修飾醫藥的療效。

Dr. Roffler, Steve R.
羅傅倫 博士

Distinguished Research Fellow
Division Chief

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
  • TEL(lab):02-2652-3079 (Room No: N233)
  • FAX:02-2782-9142

  1. Antibody Engineering
  2. Directed Molecular Evolution
  3. Prodrugs


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