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Synthesis of α‑C-galactosylceramide via diastereoselective aziridination: the new immunostimulant 4′-epi-C-glycoside of KRN7000.

Organic Letters, Feb 04, 2016

A new immunostimulant, the 4′-epimer of α-CGalCer, was synthesized from a C2-symmetric dienediol and α-C-allyl galactoside. The intramolecular aziridination and the following reductive ring opening provided the core of the aliphatic amino alcohol with excellent regio- and stereocontrol.

The new immunostimulants 3d and 3e gave a better polarized Th1-type cytokine response in murine NKT cells than the benchmarked α-C-GalCer.

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