Dr. Yang, Shi-Bing 楊世斌 博士



  • Allosteric coupling between transmembrane segment 4 and the selectivity filter of TALK1 potassium channels regulates their gating by extracellular pH.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry, Jun 02, 2022
    Opening of two-pore domain K+ channels (K2Ps) is regulated by various external cues, such as pH, membrane tension, or temperature, whic ......
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  • Carbamazepine promotes surface expression of mutant Kir6.2-A28V ATP-sensitive potassium channels by modulating Golgi retention and autophagy
    Journal of Biological Chemistry, Apr 06, 2022
          Pancreatic β-cells express ATP-sensitive potassium (KATP) channels, consisting of octamer complexes conta ......
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  • Potential cross-species correlations in social hierarchy and memory between mice and young children
    Communications Biology, Mar 14, 2022
          Social hierarchy is associated with various phenotypes. Although memory is known to be important for hierarchy ......
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  • Kv1.1 channels regulate early postnatal neurogenesis in mouse hippocampus via the TrkB signaling pathway
    eLife, May 21, 2021
        In the postnatal brain, neurogenesis occurs only within a few regions, such as the hippocampal sub-granular zone (SGZ). ......
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