Dr. Lin, Wen-chang ’s Lab林文昌 博士 實驗室


Urine miR-21-5p as a potential non-invasive biomarker for gastric cancer

Oncotarget, Apr 07, 2017

Many reports have implicated that microRNAs involve in cancer development and progression, such as miR-155 in breast cancers and miR-196 in gastric cancers. Furthermore, microRNAs are more stable than typical protein-coding gene mRNAs in varieties of clinical samples including body fluids. This suggests that they are potentially valuable biomarkers for cancer monitoring. In this study, we have used urine samples of gastric cancer patients to demonstrate the feasibility of urine microRNAs for gastric cancer detection. Urine samples of gastric cancer patients were extracted for total RNA, which were examined for the expression of miR-21-5p using quantitative stem-loop PCR. Our results demonstrated that miR-21-5p could be detected in small amounts of urine samples with good stability, and the expression levels of miR-21-5p were reduced following surgical removal of gastric cancer tissues. These results implicate that urine miR-21-5p could be utilized as a novel non-invasive biomarker of gastric cancer detection and monitoring.

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