Dr. Pan, Wen-Harn 潘文涵 博士



  • Adequate protein intake in older adults in the context of frailty: cross-sectional results of the Nutrition and Health Survey in Taiwan 2014–2017
    The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Apr 13, 2021
          Abstract Background: Emerging evidence suggests that a dietary protein intake higher than the curren ......
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  • The Mediterranean diet reduces the genetic risk of chromosome 9p21 for myocardial infarction in an Asian population community cohort
    Scientific Reports, Dec 05, 2019
    The interaction of genetic susceptibility and dietary habits in cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains undetermined. The purpose of this study ......
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  • Individualized home-based exercise and nutrition interventions improve frailty in older adults: a randomized controlled trial
    International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, Dec 02, 2019
    Background Frail older adults are predisposed to multiple comorbidities and adverse events. Recent interventional studies have shown that ......
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  • The causal role of elevated uric acid and waist circumference on the risk of metabolic syndrome components
    International Journal of Obesity, Nov 21, 2019
    Background/objectives Hyperuricemia has been found to cluster with multiple components of metabolic syndrome (MetS). It is unclear whethe ......
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  • Is Hyperuricemia, an Early-Onset Metabolic Disorder, Causally Associated with Cardiovascular Disease Events in Han Chinese?
    Journal of Clinical Medicine, Aug 12, 2019
    Background: Serum uric acid (SUA) has gradually been recognized as a potential risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, whethe ......
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