Dr. Pan, Wen-Harn 潘文涵 博士



  • Positive or U-Shaped Association of Elevated Hemoglobin Concentration Levels with Metabolic Syndrome and Metabolic Components: Findings from Taiwan Biobank and UK Biobank
    Nutrients, Sep 27, 2022
          Iron overnutrition has been implicated with a higher risk of developing metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, ......
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  • Common and Ethnic-Specific Genetic Determinants of Hemoglobin Concentration between Taiwanese Han Chinese and European Whites: Findings from Comparative Two-Stage Genome-Wide Association Studies
    Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, Aug 11, 2022
          Human iron nutrition is a result of interplays between genetic and environmental factors. However, there has b ......
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  • Healthy Taiwanese Eating Approach (TEA) toward Total Wellbeing and Healthy Longevity
    Nutrients, Jul 05, 2022
          A healthy dietary pattern review for Asian countries is scarce, which is crucial for guiding healthy eating. W ......
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  • Particulate matters, aldehydes, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons produced from deep-frying emissions: comparisons of three cooking oils with distinct fatty acid profiles
    npj Science of Food, Jun 03, 2022
          It is recognized that hazardous emissions produced from frying oils may be related to oil properties, particul ......
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  • Adequate protein intake in older adults in the context of frailty: cross-sectional results of the Nutrition and Health Survey in Taiwan 2014–2017
    The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Aug 02, 2021
        Background Emerging evidence suggests that a dietary protein intake higher than the current recommended dietary all ......
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