Dr. Shieh, Sheau-Yann 謝小燕 博士



  • Phosphorylation at threonine 288 by cell cycle checkpoint kinase 2 (CHK2) controls human monopolar spindle 1 (Mps1) kinetochore localization.
    J Biol Chem., Apr 24, 2014
    Human Mps1 (hMps1/TTK) is a mitotic checkpoint kinase responsible for sensing the unattached and tensionless kinetochore. Despite its import ......
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  • Candidate tumor suppressor BTG3 maintains genomic stability by promoting Lys63-linked ubiquitination and activation of the checkpoint kinase CHK1.
    PNAS, Mar 26, 2013
    B-cell translocation gene 3 (BTG3) is a member of the antiproliferative BTG/ Transducer of ErbB2 gene family and is induced by genotoxic str ......
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  • Loss of the candidate tumor suppressor BTG3 triggers acute cellular senescence via the ERK–JMJD3–p16INK4a signaling axis.
    Oncogene, Oct 24, 2011
    The B-cell translocation gene 3 (BTG3) is a member of the antiproliferative BTG gene family and a downstream target of p53. BTG3 also binds ......
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  • p53-Mediated transactivation of LIMK2b links actin dynamics to cell cycle checkpoint control.
    Oncogene, Mar 01, 2010
    The p53 tumor suppressor protein is widely known for its role as a sequence-specific transcription factor that regulates the expression of s ......
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  • TTK/hMps1 Mediates the p53-Dependent Postmitotic Checkpoint by Phosphorylating p53 at Thr18.
    Mol. Cell. Biol., Mar 30, 2009
    Upon prolonged arrest in mitosis, cells undergo adaptation and exit mitosis without cell division. These tetraploid cells are either elim ......
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