Dr. Shieh, Sheau-Yann 謝小燕 博士



  • Human FEM1B is required for Rad9 recruitment and CHK1 activation in response to replication stress.
    Oncogene, Mar 30, 2009
    Human checkpoint kinase 1 (CHK1) is an essential kinase required to preserve genome stability, and is activated by DNA replication blocka ......
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  • The cell cycle checkpoint kinase CHK2 mediates DNA damage-induced stabilization of TTK/hMps1.
    Oncogene, Jan 19, 2009
    Cell cycle progression is monitored constantly to ensure faithful passage of genetic codes and genome stability. We have demonstrated pre ......
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  • The candidate tumor suppressor BTG3 is a transcriptional target of p53 that inhibits E2F1
    The EMBO Journal, Aug 09, 2007
    Proper regulation of cell cycle progression is pivotal for maintaining genome stability. In a search for DNA damage-inducible, CHK1-modul ......
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