Dr. Liu, Fu-Tong 劉扶東 博士



The role of galectins in immunity and infection

Nature Reviews Immunology, Jan 16, 2023




The galectin family consists of carbohydrate (glycan) binding proteins that are expressed by a wide variety of cells and bind to galactose-containing glycans. Galectins can be located in the nucleus or the cytoplasm, or can be secreted into the extracellular space. They can modulate innate and adaptive immune cells by binding to glycans on the surface of immune cells or intracellularly via carbohydrate-dependent or carbohydrate-independent interactions. Galectins expressed by immune cells can also participate in host responses to infection by directly binding to microorganisms or by modulating antimicrobial functions such as autophagy. Here we explore the diverse ways in which galectins have been shown to impact immunity and discuss the opportunities and challenges in the field.

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