Dr. Lee, Yungling Leo李永凌 博士



  • Sialyl Glycan Expression on T Cell Subsets in Asthma: a correlation with disease severity and blood parameters
    Scientific Reports, Jun 20, 2019
    Memory T helper (Th) and regulatory T (Treg) cells play key roles in asthma. Certain sialyl carbohydrate determinants for selectins profound ......
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  • Causal relationships between adiposity and childhood asthma: bi-directional Mendelian Randomization analysis
    International Journal of Obesity, Jul 19, 2018
    Background/objectives Obesity and asthma are common chronic diseases and have been reported to be mutually causative. We investigated the ......
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  • Genetic Profiles of Transcriptomic Clusters of Childhood Asthma Determine Specific Severe Subtype
    Clinical & Experimental Allergy, May 14, 2018
    BACKGROUND: Previous studies have defined transcriptomic subtypes of adult asthma using samples of induced sputum and bronchial epitheliu ......
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  • Childhood Asthma Clusters Reveal Neutrophil-Predominant Phenotype with Distinct Gene Expression
    Allergy, Mar 25, 2018
    Background: Childhood asthma comprises different phenotypes with complex pathophysiology. Different asthma phenotypes evoke various clinical ......
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  • Rapid adiposity growth increases risks of new-onset asthma and airway inflammation in children
    International Journal of Obesity, Apr 04, 2017
    Background/objectives: We aim to (1) examine the influence of long-term adiposity status/short-term adiposity changes on asthma with high ......
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