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  • Genetic Profiles of Transcriptomic Clusters of Childhood Asthma Determine Specific Severe Subtype
    Clinical & Experimental Allergy, May 14, 2018
    BACKGROUND: Previous studies have defined transcriptomic subtypes of adult asthma using samples of induced sputum and bronchial epitheliu ......
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  • Childhood Asthma Clusters Reveal Neutrophil-Predominant Phenotype with Distinct Gene Expression
    Allergy, Mar 25, 2018
    Background: Childhood asthma comprises different phenotypes with complex pathophysiology. Different asthma phenotypes evoke various clinical ......
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  • Rapid adiposity growth increases risks of new-onset asthma and airway inflammation in children
    International Journal of Obesity, Apr 04, 2017
    Background/objectives: We aim to (1) examine the influence of long-term adiposity status/short-term adiposity changes on asthma with high ......
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  • Growth trajectories and asthma/rhinitis in children: a longitudinal study in Taiwan
    European Respiratory Journal, Oct 24, 2016
    Studies have reported the effect of body weight in early childhood on asthma. However, the effect of growth patterns during school age on as ......
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  • Newborn genetic screening for hearing impairment: a population-based longitudinal study
    Genetics in Medicine, Jun 16, 2016
    Purpose: The feasibility of genetic screening for deafness-causing mutations in newborns has been reported in several studies. The aim of ......
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