Dr. Hwang, Dennis W.’s Lab黃聖言 博士 實驗室


A Gadolinium DO3A Amide m-Phenyl Boronic Acid MRI Probe for Targeted Imaging of Sialated Solid Tumors

Biomedicines, Oct 13, 2021

We developed a new probe, Gd-DO3A-Am-PBA, for imaging tumors. Our results showed active targeting of Gd-DO3A-Am-PBA to sialic acid (SA) moieties, with increased cellular labeling in vitro and enhanced tumor accumulation and retention in vivo, compared to the commercial Gadovist. The effectiveness of our newly synthesized probe lies in its adequate retention phase, which is expected to provide a suitable time window for tumor diagnosis and a faster renal clearance, which will reduce toxicity risks when translated to clinics. Hence, this study can be extended to other tumor types that express SA on their surface. Targeting and MR imaging of any type of tumors can also be achieved by conjugating the newly synthesized contrast agent with specific antibodies. This study thus opens new avenues for drug delivery and tumor diagnosis via imaging.

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