Bioinformatics Service Support

The following list of expertise and experience can be provided to help IBMS PIs in solving basic bioinformatics problems.

1. Basic Molecular Biology Resources and Tools:
    for primer design, similarity search, phylogenetic analysis, etc.

2. Genomic/Transcriptomic Bioinformatics:
    comparative genomics, gene expression resources, etc.

3. Protein Structural Bioinformatics:
    protein sequence and functional analysis, protein structuremodeling, visualization and analysis, etc.

4. Link to recommended databases and web servers

Teaching and training on web based bioinformatics databases, tools and related packages.

Contact information: 孫慶姝 Ching-Shu Suen (Tel:2789-9033,


General Biostatistics Service Support

1. Pre-study analysis

Design of experiments

Sample size estimation

Power calculation

2. Diagram discovery

a. Basic descriptive statistics
b. Statistic charts

3. Advance statistics analysis

a. Regression analysis, logistic analysis, survival data analysis, categorical data analysis, etc.

4. Genetic analysis

a. GWAS study
b. Candidate gene analysis
c. Haplotype analysis

Contact information: 吳尚容 Wu, Shang-Jung (, Tel:2789-9144).

Microarray Data Analysis Service Support

  1. Quality control
  2. Normalization procedure
  3. Statistical analysis (ANOVA), One-Way ANOVA, etc.
  4. Identifying differentially expressed genes
  5. Exporting data files
  6. Descriptive statistics
  7. Hierarchical clustering
  8. Data visualization

Software “GeneSpring” is available for IBMS users. We provide hand-on teaching or perform analysis for users.

Contact information:吳尚容 Wu, Shang-Jung (, Tel:2789-9144).


Methylation array Data Analysis Service Support

  1. Quality control
  2. Background correction
  3. Normalization procedure
  4. Data dimension reduction
  5. Differential methylation analysis/region-based analysis
  6. Clustering/profile analysis
  7. Multiple test comparisons
  8. Identification of differentially methylated regions (DMRs)

Complex analysis can be done by collaboration work.

Contact information:吳尚容 Wu, Shang-Jung (, Tel:2789-9144).