Information Technology Department電腦室



The IT Core of IBMS provides computing services for research data and administrative functions as well as the design and implementation of network communication. The services include the items below: management of computer and several satellites; setting up network communication to provide an electronic mailing system, gopher, and WWW services for the scientists and supporting staffs; management of financial data processing to provides accounting programs, inventory programs, and electronic spreadsheet for the administrative office; sponsorship of regular training courses and consultation for document processing, graphic , and presentation programs, statistic software, and databases; serving and maintaining computer facilities in laboratories and supporting offices; Finally, in collaboration with the Computer Center of Academia Sinica to offer periodic orientations and course especially designed for IBMS scientists and supporting staff.


  • 電腦室的主要作業內容為協助研究同仁實驗計畫之進行,及本所資訊作業  規劃、 實施為主要業務。
  • 服務項目內含資訊設備採購、安裝與管理;本所對內和對外網路連線之規劃、建置、管理與維護;行政作業電腦化之整體會計系統維護與管理;電腦諮詢服務;資訊軟硬體教育訓練的提供;文書、繪圖、統計、資料處理及資料庫管理軟體的使用服務;資訊軟硬體設備及相關資源之維護、故障叫修及管理;協助實驗室與電腦廠商、本院資訊處之溝通協調等。



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