Computational Medicine Core計算醫學核心實驗室



We provide services of biomedical data analysis, education and training of open-source bioinformatic tool, and collaboration of research project. Our services majorly focus on NGS data analysis from epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and also multi-omics, data collection from public domain database, protein structure prediction, and application of machine learning algorithm.


We have two DELL R7425 computing servers (64 core CPU and 256G RAM) for doing NGS data analysis and two GPU machines with Linux servers for machine/deep learning and protein structure modeling and analysis.




實驗室目前配備有兩台DELL R7425伺服器 (64core CPU與256G RAM)來進行各項NGS資料分析及兩台 GPU Linux 伺服器進行機器學習和蛋白質結構模擬分析