Medical Art Department美工室



The major task for MedicalArtRoom is to provide best services possible to our research staff on various kinds of assistance for research publication, including editing of research figures, digital input/output, and posters editing/print-out. We also help video recording of seminars, graphic design of posters for symposium, biennial IBMS Compendium editing and photo-taking. We are also responsible for renewal and maintenance of IBMS website. Detailed service items are listed as follows:

  1. Computer graphic application on figures for publication, public notes, and Powerpoint posters editing/printing
  2. Wet/dry gel, NC paper, mouse tissue, plant specimen, EM film, and X-ray film digital photography/scanning
  3. Color print-out of computer documents (A4 ~42”X100” size)
  4. High quality A5 glossy-print/photo-paper output
  5. File format conversion for various digital documents
  6. Photography and audio/video recording of seminars and academic activities
  7. VCD/DVD burning service
  8. Purchasing of graphic materials, e.g. poster papers and poster protectors etc.
  9. Construction, information updating, and management of IBMS website





  • 研究用圖片、海報及出版品或各類告示牌的繪製編排。
  • 翻拍或掃描。( X-ray/EM films、gels、NC paper、實驗動物植物的組織檢體、及其他實驗物品、或各式圖片文件…等。)
  • 各類檔案及大型海報的輸出列印。( A4 ~ 42"x100"寬幅)
  • 相片式紙質輸出。(A5 high glossy photo paper)
  • 數位檔案格式轉換。
  • 學術演講及各類活動的攝錄影。
  • 錄影轉錄VCD/DVD。
  • 美術用紙類等耗材提供。
  • 本所網頁的資料更新與管理,及網頁製作。