DNA Sequencing核酸定序設施



REQUEST FOR FAST PASS -*Academia Sinica Lab only

Fast pass application and sample delivery rules:

Applicants: Labs in the Academia Sinica
Fee: 200 NTD/sample

1.  Sequencing samples must be delivered before 10:00 a.m. on the working day the results will be uploaded before 17:30 on the same day.

2.  The facility has the right to cancel urgent applications:

     In case of annual instrument maintenance day/instrument temporary failure/personnel attending major meetings /oversupplied total number of urgent items/too many samples accumulated in the afternoon of the previous day and postpone to the time of the next morning. We'll announce it or notified individually.

3. Fast pass only guarantees the time for the output of the result, and cannot guarantee the quality of the result.  (For example: after the sequencing result is output, it is found that the sample provided by the client has secondary structure problems, and the reagents need to be replaced and redo again, or the PCR product concentration is too high, causing the fluorescence signal to be too strong to be interpreted, and need to be diluted again ... etc.)

4. Only 80 fast pass samples will be accepted per working day.

5. Those who do not follow the requirements for sending samples will be excluded (for example, primer does not choose according to the regulations or uses incorrect tubes to hold samples, etc.)


申請對象: 僅適用於中研院內實驗室
申請費用: 每件200元

  1.  當日急件之定序申請及樣品請於當日早上10:00以前完成及送達(不適用下午3:30收件的梯次),結果將於當日下午17:30之前上傳。
  2.  設施有權利取消急件申請: 
     如遇儀器年度保養日/儀器臨時故障/設施舉辦服務說明會/人員參加重大會議或人力不足時/超出急件申請總量/前一日下午樣品累積太多擠壓到隔日早上之上機時間,等突發狀況將會事先公告 或做個別通知,請務必理解才作申請
  3. 急件僅保證結果產出的時間,無法保證結果的好壞。
  4. 每個工作日僅收80個急件樣品為上限
  5. 不符合送樣規定者一律排除(如Primer不照規定選擇或使用不正確之管子盛裝樣品等)
  6. 申請前請務必得到實驗室PI的同意,如預扣款紛爭,請實驗室自行處理。
  7. 如因故被取消急件,將主動調整收費至原本的價位100元整。