Infectious Disease & Immunology Research Highlight

Dr. Liu,Fu-Tong

Galectin‐7 downregulation in lesional keratinocytes contributes to enhanced IL‐17A signaling and skin pathology in psoriasis

Journal of clinical investigation Oct 15, 2020


Dr. Liao,You-Di

Inhibition of bacterial adherence to biomaterials by coating antimicrobial peptides with anionic surfactant

Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces Sep 22, 2020


Dr. Lee,Yungling Leo

FUT8 remodeling of EGFR regulates epidermal keratinocyte proliferation during psoriasis development

Journal of Investigative Dermatology Sep 02, 2020


Dr. Shui,Jr-Wen

Lumenal Galectin-9-Lamp2 interaction regulates lysosome and autophagy to prevent pathogenesis in the intestine and pancreas

Nature Communications Aug 27, 2020