Dr. Huang, Yi-Shuian

Loss of CPEB3 Upregulates MEGF10 to Impair Mosaic Development of ON Starburst Amacrine Cells

Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, Oct 24, 2016

Cytoplasmic polyadenylation element binding protein 3 (CPEB3) regulates target RNA translation in neurons. Here, we examined CPEB3 distribut ......


Dr. Roffler, Steve R.

Measurement of Pre-Existing IgG and IgM Antibodies against Polyethylene Glycol in Healthy Individuals

Analytical chemistry, Oct 11, 2016

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a biocompatible polymer that is often attached to therapeutic molecules to improve bioavailability and therapeu ......


Dr. Tarn, Woan-Yuh

DDX3 modulates dendrite outgrowth and dendritic spine formation via PKA–Rac1 signaling in primary hippocampal neurons.

The Journal of Neuroscience, Sep 21, 2016

The RNA helicase DDX3 is essential for efficient expression of Rac1, which regulates actin dynamics in a range of cellular processes includi ......


Dr. Hsieh, Patrick Ching-Ho

Biomimicking Platelet–Monocyte Interactions as a Novel Targeting Strategy for Heart Healing

Advanced Healthcare Materials, Sep 05, 2016

In patients who survive myocardial infarction, many go on to develop congestive heart failure (CHF). Despite ongoing efforts to develop new ......


Dr. Chen, Chih-Cheng

Involvement of TRPV1 and TDAG8 in pruriception associated with noxious acidosis

Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Aug 24, 2016

Itch and pain are closely related but distinct sensations. Intradermal injection of acid generates pain in both rodents and humans; however, ......


Dr. Hu, Che-Ming (Jack)

Synthetic Virus-like Particles Prepared via Protein Corona Formation Enable Effective Vaccination in an Avian Model of Coronavirus Infection

Biomaterials, Aug 15, 2016

The ongoing battle against current and rising viral infectious threats has prompted increasing effort in the development of vaccine technolo ......


Dr. Pan, Wen-Harn

Blood Pressure, Carotid Flow Pulsatility, and the Risk of Stroke: A Community-Based Study.

Stroke, Aug 04, 2016

Background and Purpose—High blood pressure is a major cause of cardiovascular events, and carotid flow pulsatility may be associated ......


Dr. Hung, Shih Chieh

Suspension survival mediated by PP2A-STAT3-Col XVII determines tumour initiation and metastasis in cancer stem cells

Nature Communications, Jun 16, 2016

Targeting tumour-initiating cells (TICs) would lead to new therapies to cure cancer. We previously demonstrated that TICs have the capacity ......


Dr. Lee, Yungling Leo

Newborn genetic screening for hearing impairment: a population-based longitudinal study

Genetics in Medicine, Jun 16, 2016

Purpose: The feasibility of genetic screening for deafness-causing mutations in newborns has been reported in several studies. The aim of ......


Dr. Li, Ling-Hui

Over-expression of AURKA, SKA3 and DSN1 contributes to colorectal adenoma to carcinoma progression

Oncotarget, Jun 13, 2016

Development of colorectal cancer (CRC) involves sequential transformation of normal mucosal tissues into benign adenomas and then adenomas i ......


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