Dr. Shih, Chiaho

Control and Eradication Strategies of Hepatitis B Virus

Trends in Microbiology, Jun 07, 2016

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a major human pathogen, and chronic hepatitis can lead to cirrhosis and malignant hepatocellular carcinoma. While ......


Dr. Lim, Carmay

Efficient Binding of Flexible and Redox-Active Coenzymes by Oxidoreductases

ACS Catalysis, Jun 03, 2016

Although how an enzyme binds its substrate and rate-limiting transition state is well-studied, how it binds a flexible redox-active coenzyme ......


Dr. Chen, Joanne Jeou-Yuan

Functional assessment of glioma pathogenesis by in vivo multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging and in vitro analyses

Scientific Report, Jun 01, 2016

Gliomas are aggressive brain tumors with poor prognosis. In this study, we report a novel approach combining both in vivo multi-pa ......


Dr. Shih, Hsiu-Ming

Xist reduction in breast cancer upregulates AKT phosphorylation via HDAC3-mediated repression of PHLPP1 expression

Oncotarget, May 27, 2016

Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) dysregulated in cancer potentially play oncogenic or tumor-suppressive roles. While the X inactivate-specific ......


Dr. Lee, Yungling Leo

Mediating pathways from central obesity to childhood asthma: a population-based longitudinal study

The European respiratory journal, May 12, 2016

The mediating pathways linking obesity and asthma are largely unknown. We aimed to investigate the mediating pathways and to search for the ......


Dr. Chen, Chih-Cheng

Evidence for the involvement of ASIC3 in sensory mechanotransduction in proprioceptors


Acid-sensing ion channel 3 (ASIC3) is involved in acid nociception, but its possible role in neurosensory mechanotransduction is disputed. W ......


Dr. Tang, Tang K.

Phosphorylation of CPAP by Aurora-A Maintains Spindle Pole Integrity during Mitosis.

Cell Reports, Mar 15, 2016

CPAP is required for centriole elongation during S/G2 phase, but the role of CPAP in mitosis is incompletely understood. Here, we show that ......


Dr. Wu, Jer-Yuarn

Novel susceptibility gene for nonfamilial hypokalemic periodic paralysis.

Neurology, Mar 02, 2016

Objective: To identify susceptibility genes to nonfamilial hypokalemic periodic paralysis (hypoKPP) consisting of thyrotoxic periodic para ......


Dr. Shen, Chen-Yang

MicroRNA-30a increases tight junction protein expression to suppress the epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastasis by targeting Slug in breast cancer.

Oncotarget, Feb 24, 2016

The epithelial-to-mesenchymal (EMT) transition is a prerequisite for conferring metastatic potential during tumor progression. microRNA-30a ......


Dr. Chang, Ya-Jen

Synthesis of α‑C-Galactosylceramide via Diastereoselective Aziridination: The New Immunostimulant 4′-epi-C-Glycoside of KRN7000.

Organic Letters, Feb 04, 2016

A new immunostimulant, the 4′-epimer of α-CGalCer, was synthesized from a C2-symmetric dienediol and α-C-allyl galactoside ......


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