Dr. Chen, Chih-Cheng

Activation of acid-sensing ion channel 3 by lysophosphatidylcholine 16:0 mediates psychological stress-induced fibromyalgia-like pain

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, Sep 09, 2020

Abstract Objectives: Fibromyalgia is commonly considered a stress-related chronic pain disorder, and daily stressors are known tri ......


Dr. Lee, Eminy H.Y.

Melatonin Induction of APP Intracellular Domain 50 SUMOylation Alleviates AD through Enhanced Transcriptional Activation and Aβ Degradation

Molecular Therapy, Sep 05, 2020

The amyloid precursor protein (APP) intracellular domain (AICD) is implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), but pos ......


Dr. Hsieh, Patrick Ching-Ho

Copy number variant hotspots in Han Taiwanese population induced pluripotent stem cell lines - lessons from establishing the Taiwan human disease iPSC Consortium Bank

Journal of Biomedical Science, Sep 04, 2020

Abstract Background The Taiwan Human Disease iPSC Service Consortium was established to accelerate Taiwan’s growing stem cell ......


Dr. Lee, Yungling Leo

FUT8 remodeling of EGFR regulates epidermal keratinocyte proliferation during psoriasis development

Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Sep 02, 2020

Abstract α-(1,6)-fucosyltransferase (FUT8) is implicated in the pathogenesis of several malignancies, but its role in psoriasis i ......


Dr. Shui, Jr-Wen

Lumenal Galectin-9-Lamp2 interaction regulates lysosome and autophagy to prevent pathogenesis in the intestine and pancreas

Nature Communications, Aug 27, 2020

Galectin-9 is a risk factor for inflammatory Crohn’s disease in the gut. Our research reveal glycosylation of lysosomal membrane prote ......


Dr. Yang, Kai-Chien

Fibroblast-enriched endoplasmic reticulum protein TXNDC5 promotes pulmonary fibrosis by augmenting TGFβ signaling through TGFBR1 stabilization

Nature Communications, Aug 26, 2020

Pulmonary fibrosis (PF) is a major public health problem with limited therapeutic options. There is a clear need to identify novel mediators ......


Dr. Yang, Pan-Chyr

Proteogenomics of Non-smoking Lung Cancer in East Asia Delineates Molecular Signatures of Pathogenesis and Progression

Cell, Jul 09, 2020

Summary Lung cancer in East Asia is characterized by a high percentage of never-smokers, early onset and predominant EGFR mutations. To ......


Dr. Lee, Yungling Leo

CEACAM3 Decreases Asthma Exacerbations and Modulates Respiratory Syncytial Virus Latent Infection in Children

Thorax, Jun 30, 2020

Abstract Background: Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is associated with childhood asthma. Nevertheless, not all children exposed to ......


Dr. Lee, Te-Chang

Design, synthesis and antitumour evaluation of pyrrolo[1,2-f]-phenanthridine and dibenzo[f,h]pyrrolo[1,2-b]isoquinoline derivatives

Eur J Med Chem, Jun 23, 2020

Abstract A series of 1,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)pyrrolo[1,2-f]phenanthridine derivatives and their alkyl (ethyl and isopropyl) carbamates an ......


Dr. Jou, Yuh-Shan

PSPC1 Potentiates IGF1R Expression to Augment Cell Adhesion and Motility

Cells, Jun 18, 2020

Abstract Paraspeckle protein 1 (PSPC1) overexpression in cancers is known to be the pro-metastatic switch of tumor progression associat ......


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