Dr. Shih , Hsiu-Ming

Molecular mechanism of K65 acetylation-induced attenuation of Ubc9 and the NDSM interaction

Scientific Reports Dec 12, 2017

The negatively charged amino acid-dependent sumoylation motif (NDSM) carries an additional stretch of acidic residues downstream of the cons ......


Dr. Shih , Chiaho

Heparin at physiological concentration can enhance PEG-free in vitro infection with human hepatitis B virus

Scientific Reports Oct 31, 2017

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a blood-borne pathogen responsible for chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. The mechanism of HBV entry ......


Dr. Hu , Che-Ming (Jack)

Targeting and Enrichment of Viral Pathogen by Cell Membrane Cloaked Magnetic Nanoparticles for Enhanced Detection

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Oct 31, 2017

Attachment to cellular surfaces is a major attribute among infectious pathogens for initiating disease pathogenesis. In viral infections, vi ......


Dr. Liao , Fang

CCR6 Deficiency Impairs IgA Production and Dysregulates Antimicrobial Peptide Production, Altering the Intestinal Flora

Frontiers in Immunology Jul 11, 2017

Intestinal immunity exists as a complex relationship among immune cells, epithelial cells, and microbiota. CCR6 and its ligand–CCL20 a ......


Dr. Yen , Jeffrey J.Y.

Cbl-mediated K63-linked ubiquitination of JAK2 enhances JAK2 phosphorylation and signal transduction

Scientific Reports Jul 04, 2017

JAK2 activation is crucial for cytokine receptor signal transduction and leukemogenesis. However, the underlying processes that lead to full ......


Dr. Chen , Steve S.-L.

Hepatitis C virus subverts human choline kinase-α to bridge PI4KIIIα and NS5A and upregulates PI4KIIIα activation, thereby promoting the translocation of the ternary complex to the ER for viral replication

Journal of Virology May 31, 2017

In this study, we elucidated the mechanism by which human choline kinase-α (hCKα) interacts with nonstructural protein (NS)5A an ......


Dr. Lee , Yungling Leo

Rapid adiposity growth increases risks of new-onset asthma and airway inflammation in children

International Journal of Obesity Apr 04, 2017

Background/objectives: We aim to (1) examine the influence of long-term adiposity status/short-term adiposity changes on asthma with high ......


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