2024 Stanford-Taiwan Symposium on
iPSC and Regenerative Medicine: Bridging Basic Biology and Precision Medicine


iPS幹細胞與再生醫學國際研討會: 從基礎研究到精準醫學

March 11 th, 2024 (Monday) | B1C Hall, IBMS, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan



Program Agenda



Welcome & Opening


Dr. Yijuang Chern (陳儀莊副主委), NSTC Deputy Minister & AS-IBMS
Dr. Huey-Kang Sytwu (司徒惠康院長), NHRI President (Stanford alumnus)
Mr. Eric Chen (陳建志董事長), KMU Chair of Trustees (Stanford alumnus)

Group Photo

Keynote forum
Chairs: Dr. Ming-Shiang Wu (吳明賢院長, NTUH); Dr. Tai-Horng Yang (楊台鴻處長, NSTC & NTU-BME)


Dr. Joseph Wu (吳慶明院士), Stanford-Cardiovascular Institute
Stem Cells & Genomics: From Precision Medicine to Clinical Trial in Dish


Dr. Yijuang Chern (陳儀莊副主委), NSTC & AS-IBMS
Microglial Galectin-3 and Neuroinflammation–with A Specific Focus on Neurodegenerative Diseases

Networking & Coffee Break 10:20-10:40

Session 1: Basic and translational biology
Chairs: Dr. Bon-Chu Chung (鍾邦柱院士, AS-IMB); Dr. Hong-Nerng Ho (何弘能教授, TMU)


Keynote Speech
Dr. Michael Snyder, Stanford-Genetics
AI/ML/genomics to improve human health


Dr. Chen-Hui Chen (陳振輝教授), AS-ICOB
How to regenerate just the right amount of tissue: Know-how from the zebrafish tailfin model


Dr. Sean Wu, Stanford-Cardiovascular Institute
Single cell multi-omic approaches to understanding heart development and disease (virtual)


Dr. James Zou, Stanford-Biomedical Data Science
AI and regenerative medicine (virtual)

Lunch 12:10-13:30 (Tour NSTC/AS-IBMS iPSC core, meeting at B1C entrance at 12:30)

Session 2: iPSC translation—Organoids, AI and drug development
Chairs: Dr. John Yu (游正博教授, CGU/CGMC); Dr. Ruey-Bing Yang (楊瑞彬教授, AS-IBMS)


Dr. Mark Mercola, Stanford-Medicine
iPSC modeling of heart disease for drug discovery


Dr. Ying-Chih Chang (張瑛芝教授), AS-GRC (Stanford alumnus)
Harnessing Biomimetic Materials to Induce Stemness in Rare Cells for Rapid and Reproducible Organoid Formation


Dr. Sung-Jan Lin (林頌然教授), NTU-BME
Communication between internal stem cell niche and the external environment: insight from hair follicles


Dr. Jun-An Chen (陳俊安教授), AS-IMB
Conducting the Neuronal Molecular Symphony: Unveiling the Interplay of NcRNA, Epigenetics, and Epitranscriptomics

Networking and Refreshment 14:50-15:20

Session 3: Stem Cell Therapy-From animal model to clinical trial
Chairs: Dr. Deng-Chyang Wu (吳登強副校長, KMU); Dr. Shiaw-Min Hwang (黃效民博士, U-Neuron)


Dr. Phillip Yang, Stanford-Medicine
Translation of Novel Biologics for Myocardial Restoration


Dr. Shih-Hwa Chiou (邱士華教授), NYCU/TVGH and AS-GRC
From Bench to Bedside - Application of iPSC-based Technology on Retinal Diseases


Dr. Nazish Sayed, Stanford-Surgery

The endothelium: a therapeutic target in cardiomyopathy?


Dr. Patrick Hsieh (謝清河教授), AS-IBMS

Taiwan iPSC Bank for precision medicine and cell therapy

Closing Ceremony


Dr. Joseph Wu (吳慶明院士), Stanford-CVI
Dr. Deng-Chyang Wu (吳登強副校長, KMU)

Dr. Patrick Hsieh (謝清河教授), AS-IBMS

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  • Taiwan Science and Technology Hub @ Stanford (Taiwan S&T Hub)
  • 史丹佛大學 (Stanford University)
  • 高雄醫學大學 (KMU)
  • 國科會人類疾病誘導型多潛能幹細胞服務聯盟 (NSTC-iPSC Consortium)
  • 國科會-HLA超級捐贈者iPS幹細胞於精準再生醫學之應用計畫
  • 中央研究院生物醫學科學研究所 (AS-IBMS)
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