Due to the COVID-19 Level 2 Alert Being Extended, and to Prevent Further Infections on Campus, the Following Restrictions are Being Enacted
[Administrative Office] 2022/02/09


  1. The following measures are being enacted based on the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announcement in its January 9 press release and a January 17 meeting at AS.
  2. The following measures for working conditions and building restrictions at AS will be extended, effective January 18:
    1. In order to prevent further infections, indoor meetings at AS will only be open to groups of under 10 persons or held online. Meals will not be provided.
    2. AS colleagues should be permitted to work at home or take leave of absence should the need arise.
    3. Due to the severity of the Omicron variant, all AS units should be prepared to implement working at home or working in separate offices.
    4. The following restrictions will be implemented at AS public spaces:
      • Restaurants: Dividers should be used in dining areas.
      • Gymnasium: All facilities only open to AS employees. Please follow all Gymnasium regulations.
      • Meeting Rooms: Only open for essential use by AS units for groups of under 10 persons. During all meetings, participants should follow spaced seating, wear masks, and are prohibited from eating and drinking.
      • Museums, archives, and other buildings used for exhibitions: According to CECC regulations, only open to visiting groups of under 10 persons who make reservations. All visitors must observe social distancing, wear masks at all times, and follow real-name registration.
      • Libraries: Only open to AS employees with I.D. badges. Please follow all library regulations.
  3. Please continue to implement the following pandemic prevention measures:
    1. Thermometers and hand sanitizing facilities should be provided at each building entrance. Please practice frequent hand washing, temperature taking, and environment sanitization.
    2. All AS staff should adhere to the SMS Contact Tracing System, have their temperatures taken, wear I.D. badges, maintain social distancing, and wear face masks at all times with the exception of eating and drinking.
    3. All visitors should adhere to the SMS Contact Tracing System, have their temperatures taken, and wear face masks at all times.
    4. To ensure the rights of facility users as well as epidemic prevention, all AS units are requested to continue following the CECC’s directions about epidemic prevention, and are reminded to adjust the above measures/re-opening plans according to the overall pandemic situation and each unit’s conditions.

[行政室] 2022年02月09日




一、 依據嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎中央流行疫情指揮中心(下稱指揮中心)111年1月9日新聞稿,及111年1月17日「本院對於近期COVID-19疫情狀況因應作為討論會議」紀錄辦理。

二、 本院辦公模式及場所管制等相關事項,自1月18日起調整如下:

(一) 為避免群聚感染,自1月18日起院內外公眾集會活動室內以10人為限,並停止供餐,或以線上方式辦理。

(二) 同仁若有居家辦公或請假需求,由單位主管從寬認定。

(三) Omicron病毒疫情嚴峻,各單位應預作居家辦公、分艙辦公準備。