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About us

The Inflammation core facility is to provide services on immune responses that are known to play important functions in many diseases.

  • The major activity of this core is to provide multi-plex assay to measure mediator levels in patients’ sera. The other activity of this core is to analyse the immune cells in patients.
  • We can also collaborate with other researcher on the skin mouse models.
  • The core will provide service for glycan-binding proteins as these protein plays important roles in inflammation and immunity.

The Immune response (or inflammation) are relevant to a large number of subspecialties and may serve as a glue to bring biomedical researchers in many different disciplines together and promote to develop factional treatment on the inflammation-mediated diseases.

Thus, our core facility contribute a lot to develop understand or treatments of inflammation-mediated diseases.


Please acknowledge the Core Facility on your publications, as Inflammation Core Facility, IBMS, and inform the Core Facility with the bibliographical details of the publications. (E-mail: inflamcore@ibms.sinica.edu.tw)

Acknowledgement template:
We thank the Academia Sinica Inflammation Core Facility, IBMS for technical support. The core facility is funded by the Academia Sinica Core Facility and Innovative Instrument Project (AS-CFII-111-213).

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