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News 2016/04/07
Congratulations to the following people for excellent presentations in 2016 Joint Conference of Biomedical Sciences.


The Chinese Physiological Society
Poster Award:
The 1st place award: Yen-Chen Liu (Advisor: Dr. Eminy Lee)

The Taiwan Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Oral Presentations:
Merit award: Chun-Shan Liu (Advisor: Dr. Jeffery J. Y. Yen)
Merit award: Cheng-Pu Sun (Advisor: Dr. Mi-Hua Tao)
Poster Award:
Chia-Jen Wu (Advisor: Dr. Mi-Hua Tao)

The Chinese Society of Cell and Molecular Biology
Poster Award:
Jhih-Jie Tsai (Advisor: Dr. Tang K. Tang)
Chien-Yu Lin (Advisor: Dr. Yijuang Chern)