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News 2016/09/14
Congratulations to the following students for excellent presentations in 2016 Graduate Institute of Life Sciences, Academia Sinica, NDMC & NHRI Retreat.


Thesis Research Award:

3rd place: En-Ju Chou (PI: Dr. Tang K. Tang)

4th place: Wei-Ju Liao (PI: Dr. Ruey-Bing Yang)

Merit award: Kuo-Yen Huang (PI: Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang)

Merit award: Hsin-Da Tsai (PI: Dr. Teng-Nan Lin)


Research Poster Award:

Outstanding award: Meng-Ying Wu (PI: Dr. Ruey-Bing Yang)

Merit award: Ching-San Tseng (PI: Dr. Yi-Shuian Huang)