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News 2023/03/21
Congratulations to TIGP PhD students Chia-Hui Luo (Dr. Ya-Jen Chang's Lab), Yu-Wen Chen (Dr. Jr-Wen Shui's Lab), Yi-Chuan Wang (Dr. Shih-Yu Chen’s Lab), and Yeh-Fong Tan (Dr. Leo, Yung-Ling Lee’s Lab), on being selected to attend Formosa Immunology Spring School & Symposium (FISS) 2023 (March 13-17). FISS 2023 invited ten world-renowned immunologists and four editors from top immunology journals (Immunity, Nature Immunology, Science Immunology, and JEM).


Best Oral Presentation Award: 

Chia-Hui Luo (駱佳慧) Advisor Dr. Ya-Jen Chang


Best Poster Award:

Yu-Wen Chen (陳郁文) Advisor Dr. Jr-Wen Shui 

Yi-Chuan Wang (王薏荃) Advisor Dr. Shih-Yu Chen