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  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Cancer genomics

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  • M.D., Ph.D. National Taiwan University

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Variant GADL1 and Response to Lithium Therapy in Bipolar I Disorder.

Dr. Yang, Pan-Chyr
Biomaterials., Jan 04, 2014

Early metastasis is one of the major causes of mortality among patient with lung cancer. The process of tumor metastasis involves a cascade of events, including epithelial-mesenchymal transition, tumor cell migration and invasion, and angiogenesis. To specifically suppress tumor invasion and angiogenesis, two nucleolin aptamer-siRNA chimeras (aptNCL-SLUGsiR and aptNCL-NRP1siR) were used to block key signaling pathways involved in lung cancer metastasis that are pivotal to metastatic tumor cells but not to normal cells under ordinary physiologic conditions.