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Dr. Ko, Tai-Ming

Joint Appointment Assistant Research Fellow
  • 02-26523592 (Lab) (Room No: N802)
  • 02-26523591 (Office)
  • 03-5712121#59731 (NCTU)
  • 02-26523593 (Fax)




Genomic medicine

Education and Positions:
  • B.S. National Taiwan University

    M.S. National Cheng Kung University

    Ph.D. National Taiwan University

    Postdoc. Academia Sinica

    Postdoc. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Our research interests are in applying advanced genomic platform to find the solution for improving the population health. We currently aim at translating the promise of high-throughput genomic medicine into clinical reality. We mainly apply single-cell multi-omics approaches and the developing technologies for analyzing highly polymorphic gene (i.e. HLA, TCR, KIR). In addition, our lab also has early access to the newest single-cell multi-omics technologies (scRNA-seq, scATAC-seq, scDNA-seq, CITE-seq, scVDJ-seq, spatial profiling, and other advanced single-cell platforms). Based on these platforms, we currently focus on leveraging single-cell analysis for translational studies in immune-mediated diseases and immunotherapies.

Journal 17 Book 0

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