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Dr. Tang, Tang K.

Vice President, Academia Sinica
Distinguished Research Fellow
Academician, Academia Sinica
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  • Centrosome and Cilia Biogenesis
  • Mitosis
  • Neural Stem Cell Division

Education and Positions:
  • Ph.D. Human Genetics, Yale University

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CPAP is a cell-cycle regulated protein that controls centriole length.

Dr. Tang, Tang K.
Nat Cell Biol., Jun 07, 2009

Centriole duplication involves the growing of a procentriole (progeny centriole) next to the proximal end of each pre-existing centriole (parental centriole). The molecular mechanisms that regulate procentriole elongation remain obscure. We show here that expression of the centriolar protein CPAP (centrosomal P4.1-associated protein) is carefully regulated during the cell cycle,