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Dr. Cheng, Andrew Tai Ann

Adjunct Research Fellow

  • Psychiatric Epidemiology
  • Genomic Psychiatry
  • Translational Psychiatry

Education and Positions:
  • M.D. National Taiwan University
    Ph.D./D.Sc. University of London

Highlight Detail

Variant GADL1 and Response to Lithium Therapy in Bipolar I Disorder.

Dr. Cheng, Andrew Tai Ann
N Engl J Med., Dec 25, 2013

Background Lithium has been a first-line choice for maintenance treatment of bipolar disorders to prevent relapse of mania and depression, but many patients do not have a response to lithium treatment. Methods We selected subgroups from a sample of 1761 patients of Han Chinese descent with bipolar I disorder who were recruited by the Taiwan Bipolar Consortium. We assessed their response to lithium treatment using the Alda scale and performed a genomewide association study on samples from one subgroup of 294 patients with bipolar I disorder who were receiving lithium treatment.