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Dr. Pan, Wen-Harn

Distinguished Research Fellow

  • Cardiovascular and nutritional epidemiology
  • Omics and disease risk
  • Nutrition survey and intervention
  • Precision preventive medicine

Education and Positions:
  • Ph.D. Cornell University

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Common Carotid End-Diastolic Velocity and Intima-Media Thickness Jointly Predict Ischemic Stroke in Taiwan.

Dr. Pan, Wen-Harn
Stroke, Mar 17, 2011

In Asian populations, few studies investigated the association between stroke and common carotid artery intima-media thickness (IMT). Our previous case-control studies showed that low end-diastolic velocity (EDV) in common carotid artery, a potential hemodynamic marker of intracranial resistance, was associated with ischemic stroke.