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Dr. Pan, Wen-Harn

Distinguished Research Fellow

  • Cardiovascular and nutritional epidemiology
  • Omics and disease risk
  • Nutrition survey and intervention
  • Precision preventive medicine

Education and Positions:
  • Ph.D. Cornell University

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Lipoprotein lipase variants associated with an endophenotype of hypertension: hypertension combined with elevated triglycerides.

Dr. Pan, Wen-Harn
Hum Mutat., Jul 22, 2008

Previously, we observed that young-onset hypertension was independently associated with elevated plasma triglyceride(s) (TG) levels to a greater extent than other metabolic risk factors. Thus, focusing on the endophenotype-hypertension combined with elevated TG-we designed a family-based haplotype association study to explore its genetic connection