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Dr. Liao, You-Di

Adjunct Research Fellow
  • 2652-3053 (Office)

  • Protein Chemistry
  • Antitumor Ribonucleases
  • Antimicrobial Protein/Peptides

Education and Positions:
  • Ph.D. National Taiwan University

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Inhibition of bacterial adherence to biomaterials by coating antimicrobial peptides with anionic surfactant

Dr. Liao, You-Di
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, Sep 22, 2020


Medical devices are widely used in modern medicine, but their utilities are often limited by the biofilm formation of bacteria that are tolerant to most antibiotics. In this report, antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) were coated onto biomaterials by the aid of surfactant through hydrophobic interactions. To increase the coating efficiency, stability of AMPs in body fluids and spectrum of antimicrobial activity, pairs of AMPs were coated simultaneously onto various substrates, such as silicone, polyurethane and titanium, which are commonly used components of biomedical devices. These coated AMPs exhibited very low cytotoxicity and hemolytic activities because they were gradually released into urine or serum. The AMP pairs, such as T9W + SAAP159 and T9W + RRIKA, coated onto the silicone discs were able to inhibit in vitro bacterial adherence in urine. Most importantly, AMP pairs coated onto the silicone tubing by surfactant SDBS could prevent bacterial adherence to mouse bladder and the silicone tubing implanted within it. These results provide a promising approach towards circumventing urinary catheter-associated infections caused by bacterial adherence.